Professional / Client Testimonials

Professional Testimonials

Courtesy of Wendy Crocker
Courtesy of Wendy Crocker

It is my pleasure to write this “Testimonial” for Mrs Read. She always went above and beyond for her clients. I was consistently impressed by Wendy’s caring attitude and her ability to provide an open and positive environment for all of her clients over the years. Having worked with first hand with Mrs Read for a number of years, I would highly recommend her for any position in which she is qualified, she would make a wonderful addition to any company.

Again having worked with Mrs Read at “Ethos Career Management Group” I found her interpersonal and communication skills right on the mark to benefit the clients.

I always found Mrs. Read’s delivery of Career and Educational Services to be respectful, supportive and enthusiastic; Mrs Read thrived to devise viable solutions to meet clients stated goals. In addition to Mrs Read’s Counseling, she possessed excellent Administrative and Writing Skills, which enabled her to organize and compose reports necessary for tracking of client’s progress, as they worked through interventions and strategies.

It has been my pleasure to work with Mrs Read, she had impeccable attention to detail in all correspondence, that helped both my colleague and I serve our students well. Her compassion for students is apparent and her knowledge of the challenges of the “First Nations” members was endless.

In the time I have known Mrs Read, I always found her pleasant to work with. Mrs Read is very people-oriented and always took the necessary time with each student to find out how to best help them. Mrs Read was always willing to be as helpful as possible and paid close attention to each student’s needs. Again I would highly recommend Mrs Read’s Skills and Abilities to anyone looking for support.

HUY CH Q’U (Thank You!)

Wendy Read has been a wonderful asset for the men living in our Refuge Transitional Housing program. The residents in our program are with us because they need help gaining traction to get going with their life. When it comes to preparing for long term career goals, many find themselves incapacitated. The counseling Wendy offered to us for career goals has been timely. All the fellows that met with her looked forward to seeing her and found her genuine interest in their life direction to be quite motivating. Her informal way of coaching over coffee and listening to dreams for the future built great bonds of trust. Our guys have really benefitted from their sessions with Wendy. Her years of counseling and coaching have made significant progress towards their next steps.

Dr. Rik Berry
Director of the Refuge
Lead Pastor of Valley Gate Vineyard

I am consistently impressed by Wendy’s caring attitude towards her clients and her ability to provide an open and positive environment for them to discuss their career and employment aspirations. Her interpersonal and communication skills have allowed her to develop a productive working relationship with both the client and staff.

Wendy’s delivery of career and education services is always respectful, supportive and enthusiastic; she thrives to devise viable solutions to meet their stated goals. In addition to Wendy’s counseling she possesses excellent administrative and writing skills which enable her to organize and compose reports necessary for tracking of client’s progress as they work through intervention and strategies.

Sincerely ~ D.B. : Team Lead / Manager, ETHOS.

It has been my pleasure to work with Wendy P Read… Wendy has impeccable attention to detail in all correspondence that helped both my colleague and I serve our students well. Her compassion for students is apparent and her knowledge of the challenges aboriginal students face appears complete.

In good spirit ~ F.M. : CC

In the time I have known Wendy I have found her to be pleasant to work with. She is very people-oriented and takes the necessary time with each student to find out how to best help them. She is always willing to be as helpful as possible and pays close attention to each student’s needs. Even during times of extreme busy-ness on both our parts. Wendy is able to do a good job helping students and helping me to help students. She is a good egg!

In good spirit. ~ S.B. : CC

Client Testimonials

“When I came to Wendy I knew I had to make a career change but had no idea what that looked like or what I wanted to do. With Wendy’s knowledge and many resources, I am now heading down a path that could not be a better fit for me. Not only does Wendy help find what you want to do but makes sure there’s a job market in your area and arms you with all the resources you need to be successful.”

~ K.P.

I am a First Nations Canadian, returning to school as a mature adult. Through [Wendy Read’s] immeasurable assistance and dedication, professionalism and persistence I was able to successfully return to academia and gain sponsorship and support on many levels thanks to Wendy. Through [her] guidance I was able to get ARHDA funding to take several courses for preparation for a full-time return to studies at Camosun College. Wendy was unwavering support for my band in Ontario. If it was not for Wendy’s guidance I would not have had such a focused and easy adjustment back to college life. Without [her] professional training and guidance I would not have had such a focused and easy adjustment back to college life.

Throughout my dealings with Wendy, I found her to be incredibly supportive, enthusiastic, encouraging and resourceful. When I needed to make appointments with her she made herself readily available…She was invaluable in her aid when it came to paperwork, what forms to fill out and her overall approach to the tasks at hand. Her work exceeded my expectations and I honestly feel blessed to have her acting by my side…Wendy has an excellent character and a generous nature.

Yours truly, ~ S. S.  : FN student: Applied Communications Program, Camosun College.

I want to commend Wendy Read for providing me with the best career assistance services I ever experienced. I am in my later years of my career and initially felt all I needed was basic confirmation of my abilities and a check of my plans. I got so much more in every way and I got it with sincerity, caring, and dedication that is rare these days. Thanks for being there Wendy, you can continue your services knowing you are the best.

Best Regards ~ R.W. : Sales Manager

As Wendy’s client, I am pleased with her direct individualized and organized approach in assisting me in my career transition, which culminated in my successful employment in a full-time position closely matching my experience and career goals. With Wendy’s assistance, I was able to secure an ideal career position as an Architect with the Vancouver Island Health Authority. This was a difficult challenge well met, considering the global economic conditions.

From our first meeting, Wendy took charge and was able to quickly assess my strengths and weakness. She immediately set to work assisting me with improving my curriculum vitae, interview, and networking skills. We met regularly to review my progress and fine-tune my CV to focus on a specific employer. Wendy then arranged for a mock interview with a colleague and followed up with my progress which included training and strategies for impressive interviews.

Sincerely ~ G. U. : Architect

When I met Wendy, I was uncertain of my career future and employment opportunities. After dedicating thirty years to the hospitality industry, discovering I had chronic back problems and questioning my abilities, skills and education level. I was extremely worried about my career future…Wendy encouraged me to look within and to consider my career options. When I mentioned my desire to be self-employed, Wendy immediately steered me towards the Reger Group… she was helpful in ensuring we met application deadlines … providing me with a professional detailed business case, resume and support materials…Wendy coached me through my new business case, submitted it on time and I was accepted with flying colors! A BIG THANK YOU to Wendy Read for her patient, detailed and ever-supportive guidance.

Sincerely ~ M.W. :  Business Entrepreneur

Throughout my time working with Wendy we discussed many options and careers. At first, I was prompted to use career resource tools such as career cruising etc. to find out where my niche for employment was. After that Wendy had me create what is called a ‘Mind Map’, in which I describe every part of myself, my interests, passions, values all that was unique made “me” me. Upon seeing what I created she quickly realized that I needed to find a way to utilize this talent. Deep down inside I have always known that my passion for art and its many facets would one day turn into a career; having Wendy’s guidance helped me to realize this and to begin searching for ways to make it a reality.

With Wendy’s help and enthusiasm, and her passion for helping others to find success, I was able to choose the career I am now pursuing. That career is in Graphic Design…I realize that with my creativity, imagination and the need to apply them to an enjoyable career. I now know that without Wendy’s help and expertise in narrowing down ways to find her clients’ success, that I would not have made it to this point. I realize that ‘just working a job is no way to live a life’; you need to be able to dream and fulfill the passions which uniquely describes you. In closing, I would like to thank Wendy Read for helping me carve a path to success in both life and enjoyable career.

Sincerely, ~ B. J. : Graphic Designer

Wendy is a very knowledgeable dedicated career Professional. [She] was very encouraging and positive to me – setting and achieving my goals. I was very pleased to have the experience of a genuine proficient professional … Due to our joint effort, I was accepted into The Reger Self Employment Program and where I developed a business which is now growing and successful.

Yours sincerely, ~ S. H. : Entrepreneur


“Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world.” ~ Harriet Tubman