Career Paths

Road to Career Success

Depending on your personal set of circumstances, the career Counseling process can take from 3 to 5 or more hours, over several weeks with assignments to complete in-between these meetings.

During our hourly meetings together, you will be respected, challenged, inspired and encouraged.
Hiring a Career Counselor specialist is a personal investment, a gift to yourself to obtain the RESULTS you want to achieve.

A Career Professional role is to help you learn more about yourself, who you truly are, uncover our inner most passions, desires, what you want to do with your career life. Furthermore, they will inspire and motivate you to take the steps required to achieve the RESULTS wanted.

Here at RESULTS Career Counseling and Coaching Services, you will uncover your innermost passions, interests, desires, values – transferable skills and abilities. Working with a Career Counselor will enhance the process to develop a realistic strategic plan to reach your career destination.

This could involve doing an informal or formal assessment that can assist you in understanding yourself better to get the RESULTS to become successful and have career contentment.